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25 July 2010 @ 06:10 pm
Dump dump dump~ I've posted this all on my Tumblr. XD
And because I'm biased, there are lots for U-Kiss :D

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24 July 2010 @ 10:34 pm
Sorry, I made a lot of icons when I was away from Livejournal. I'm not really active here. Hahaha.
I'm just gonna dump them all here (there will be part 2 of this) since Tumblr is down. :D
There are lots, actually. There is Paramore, U-Kiss, F.Cuz, Big Bang, Gyuri, etc.


More here. Click click click. :3Collapse )

Feel free to use. <3
13 March 2010 @ 06:27 pm
It’s not a dream anymore, it’s worth fighting for.

So yeah. I already told you guys that I will miss class for the Paramore concert, but then, I HAD TO go to school to pass my projects in different subjects and all that shit. Good thing our dismissal time is 3 in the afternoon and we didn’t do much that day except for our TLE practical exam.

When we were having our Physics class, since our teacher is paying attention to his laptop, I checked my phone and I received a text message. It was from my brother! He suddenly decided to watch the concert because IT WAS PARAMORE.

DAMN. So it was already 3 o’ clock, then my teacher said that we should stay until 5 for the yearbook thingy. OH FUCK. Soooo.. I had to make an excuse. YOU DON’T KNOW HOW MUCH TIME I SPENT THINKING FOR AN EXCUSE. It’s ‘coz I know that he won’t accept my excuse if I say that I’ll be going to a concert. So, I just said that I will accompany my mom to the hospital for a check-up. FTW! Hahahaha :D

I got home at around 4:00. I was having a heart attack (lol) and I asked my brother if he already bought a ticket and he said NO so we have to hurry up to get there early so that we still have time to buy him a ticket. -___-

We left the house at around 5:15 PM.

Fuck, it was traffic! We arrived there at about 6:00 PM. We didn’t roam around at the mall anymore, we immediately go to the line. Luckily, my sister’s friend is in the line already and she let us make singit in her place. HAHAHA. THANK YOU! xD

We found out that Silver tickets are already sold out, so we were all like in a panic mode at that moment ‘coz my brother can’t watch the concert if he doesn’t have a ticket. LUCKY FOR HIM, my sister’s friend knows ‘someone’ from there and they got him in the show in the GOLD SECTION for only P950.00!!! Originally the GOLD ticket is worth P3,900. So… WOW. While me and my sister are stuck in the SILVER section. It’s still okay, though. BUT STILL UGHHHHH!!!

When we got inside, my sister and I were together (while my brother is sooooo lucky to get in the gold section!), we are trying to find a place that is, let’s say, has a nice view of the stage. We were like, in the 4th or 5th row in the Silver section. AND AT THAT TIME, I HATED MYSELF FOR BEING SHORT! :/ I couldn’t see anything, I SWEAR. All I see were the people in front of me with a nice (not really -___-) view of their heads. FML.

*waited for 2 hours*

Callalily was the first to perform. Oh okay. Been there, done that.

After they finished playing, we waited for 30-40 minutes because they are doing something at the set up. (They placed the big PARAMORE background, instruments, etc.)

The lights were turned off. People started shouting, including me of course! WOOOOOHHHH!!

I was like, nearly crying because there is a guy in front that is so tall and big -___-

I really can’t see anything! I was like (just in my mind), “Hey! I didn’t go to this concert just to see random heads of people, I didn’t pay P1,550 for this! I came here to watch Paramore and have fun!”

So, while Paramore is performing Ignorance, I slowly pushed myself forward to the 2nd row, at least. Everybody was pushing one another anyway, so why not? Hahaha. xD My sister got stuck to the 4th-5th row and I was in the 2nd row! Yey! (Note: I didn’t hurt anybody to get in the front row, I don’t even know how I get in there! Haha)

In the middle of the concert, I heard some random girl shouting in a maarte accent, “Heyyyyyyyy. Don’t push!” and I was like, LOL GTFO! I mean, come on! The pushing and the jumping thing is part of a concert. DUH.

IT WAS REALLY HOT DURING THE SHOW!!! I was nearly passing out last night, seriously! It was intense! There were times that I can’t breath anymore. :/ Lesson: Eat first before going to a concert.

Some people are just rude! (Gosh! that girl in black is wtf, I seriosly wanna kill her. She’s so mean!)

But there are also nice people that I talked to. And guess what, the big guy in the front row, he’s also nice too. Hahahaha :)

My final verdict of the concert: It was awesome! :D Inspite of all the BV moments, I think the concert ruled! :D But I still think Araneta Coliseum is a much better concert venue though. Hayley said they can’t wait to come back and I hope that next time they’ll have a concert here, it should be in Araneta Coliseum! FTW!

My favorite performance that night? Pressure, Looking Up, Where The Lines Overlap and Brick by Boring Brick! :D
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21 January 2010 @ 07:37 pm
Here are random icons I made. Most of them are Hayley Williams. There is also Hey Monday, Big Bang and Taylor Swift ;)




Feel free to use. No need to credit me :D
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01 January 2010 @ 06:06 pm
 I just became a SHINee fan lately. *coughs* Taemin <3 =) So I decided to make icons of them :)

  • SHINee (+1 gif icon :D)
  • Taylor Swift
  • Big Bang
  • Hayley Williams

More under the cut :D

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02 December 2009 @ 04:11 pm
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Kpopgasm. 2ne1's Dara and CL. Bigbang's Seungri, Gdragon and Tae Yang.. and of course, Hayley Williams.
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11 November 2009 @ 07:41 pm

This song and video is major win. I miss the old Paramore. You know, the not-so-famous Paramore. When they were so young and innocent. Hahaha. But of course, I still love them. ^____^ And yeah, I was surfing through my Tumblr dashboard and someone mentioned a band called Mae and I immediately searched this band and downloaded some of their songs. They sound really cool. 
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08 November 2009 @ 06:25 pm
 I just got this livejournal account (approx, 4 hours ago) but still I'm not getting it.
Guess what? It's already 6:26PM and I haven't start on washing the dishes. I'm dead.
I think imma start doing the dishes later. Good luck.
FUCK. It's monday tomorrow, it's school week again. Hate it.
I hate everything right now.

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08 November 2009 @ 04:44 pm

Jeremy looks so different without the hair on his face. Hahaha :D
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